Converts atmospheric nitrogen into plant-available nitrogen in your soil so you can:

  • Grow healthier, more vigorous plants
  • Improve root growth and health
  • Increase plant tolerance to various types of stress, including pests and extreme weather conditions

May reduce the need for applied Nitrogen-N fertisilier by two thirds or more.

Azospirillum can convert atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium under microaerobic conditions at low nitrogen levels, through the action of the nitrogenase complex. Azospirillum brasilense also to its capacity to synthesize phytohormones, in particular indole-3-acetic acid.

The attachment of Azospirillum cells to plant roots occurs in two steps. The polar flagellum, of which the flagellin was shown to be a glycoprotein, mediates the adsorption step. Then a surface polysaccharide in the subsequent anchoring phase.

They display a versatile C- and N-metabolism, which makes them well adapted to establish in the competitive environment of the rhizosphere. They are used for leguminous as well as non-leguminous crops in symbiosis with soil rhizobial bacteria.

Nitrogen is required in the greatest amount of all nutrients transported to plants through the soil or leaf. It drives chlorophyll production in the foliage and is one of the key elements that help keep plants green and growing efficiently.

Azospirillum brasilense is a naturally occurring bacteria that are free living in the soil. tolerance of abiotic and biotic stresses promoted by inoculation of Azospirillum in plants, encompassing detoxification of oxidative stress, ISR and IST.

Works well with

  • RhizoMax – powerful combo to boost nitrogen & phosphorus, for strong and vigorous plant growth

Can be used in conjunction with

  • Nitrogen – N fertilisers
  • Phosphate – P fertilisers

AspeN contains 2 nitrogen fixating bacteria –

  • Azotobacter chroococcum
  • Azospirillum brasilense

Assists with nitrogen fixation.

Converts atmospheric nitrogen to plant-available nitrogen in the soil. The lower the available nitrogen in the soil, the greater the volume of atmospheric nitrogen it will convert.

This product is classified as NON-HAZARDOUS.

Keep in a cool shaded area at all times. Do NOT expose to direct sunlight.

Do NOT swallow or inhale. Wash hands after use. Rinse eyes or mouth if contact is made.

Chemical Stability: Stable under normal temperatures.

Reactivity: This product is unlikely to react or decompose under normal storage conditions.

Conditions to Avoid: Direct sunlight, lack of ventilation.

Hazardous Polymerization: Hazardous polymerisation is not possible.

Seed CoatingApply at 1-2 litres per 100 kg of seed
Seedling Drench5 litres per 100 litres of water
Soil ApplicationIn furrow application @ 2% tank mix solution over seed / up to 15 litres per Ha
Composting1-3 litres per cubic metre dependent
Fertigation Applications15 litres per Ha
May be mixed with other organic fertilisers or plant biostimulants.
Not recommended for tank mixes combined with a high salt content

NO withholding periods are required for this product.

Keep in a cool shaded area at all times. Do NOT expose to direct sunlight.

Available in

  • 20L drum
  • 1000 L IBC

Safety Data Sheet:

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