Organic cell strengthener for insect pest control and enhanced metabolic functions:

  • Grow stronger stalks and stems to make plants more resistant to piercing
  • Increase plant resilience
  • Improve wind, rain and heat tolerance

May alleviate drought and salt stress in plants.

Faster growth and bigger plants

Silica fortifies cells from the inside out. Thicker cell walls resulting from silica use create bigger stalks and stems that can uptake and transport more water, nutrients and plant secretions throughout the plant body, facilitating faster growth rates and bigger plants.

Increased resistance to environmental stress

Silicon has been shown to alleviate drought and salt stress. It also improves wind, rain and heat tolerance.

The presence of silicon aids crop plants by strengthening cell walls which slows transpiration, alleviating salt and water stress.

Increased resilience

Plants use silica to build up an additional mineral barrier, accumulating silica in the epidermal cell walls of leaves and stalks, making them stronger and more difficult to pierce. This may help to minimise disease entry points. Plants also accumulate silica around infected sites, forming selectively fortified areas to help protect them.

Foliar feeding is the most effective way to ensure the silica gets directly absorbed into the leaves where it can be immediately used.

May be wetted down in combination with a surfactant and applied as a foliar spray.

We recommend LoliPepta for a natural and effective foliar spray to use with DiaSil. LoliPepta supports plants to form a protective biofilm which is a natural physical barrier to protect the leaves from external threats.

Diatomaceous earth.

This product is classified as NON-HAZARDOUS.

Do NOT swallow or inhale. Wash hands after use. Rinse eyes or mouth if contact is made.


Seed CoatingApply at 2-5 kg per 100 kg of seed
Seedling Drench5g per square meter of seedling tray as a drench in nursery applications. Every 3-4 weeks.
Soil Application2-5g/m3 – Distribute DiaSil to give an even coating over entire field.
Fertigation10 kg per ha, 2 – 3 applications or as required throughout season (refer to soil analysis Calcium Chloride test)
Foliar Applications15-50 g / L full cover drench low volume sprays
1-2 kg per 100 litres up to 1000 litres per Ha.
Greater volumes use at 1 kg per 100 litres as a full cover spray. Product will dry on leaf surfaces and may leave a white residue that can be washed off during post-harvest

To produce optimal results, silica is best used throughout the lifecycle of the plant, from seed and seedling stages up until harvest. Once the plant has absorbed silica into its cellular structure, it cannot be redistributed to other parts of the plant. Plants absorb much more through foliar feeding than just through the root zone however, if applying as both a foliar and root feed, be careful not to overdose the plants. Use frequent leaf and soil or nutrient analysis with a Calcium Chloride test to ascertain plant requirements.

Silica is alkaline and will therefore naturally raise the pH level of your nutrient solution. Add silica AFTER the other nutrients have been thoroughly mixed into the water to avoid nutrient lockout that may occur when it comes into direct contact with other elements in the solution.

NO withholding periods are required for this product.

Note that if applied as a foliar spray, the product will dry on leaf surfaces and may leave a white residue that can be washed off during post-harvest.

Keep dry. DiaSil has an indefinite shelf life.

Available in 4 kg or 12.5 kg bag

Safety Data Sheet:

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