NemataMax Duo

Non-toxic, organic solution for managing pest nematodes:

  • Effectively manage economically important pest nematodes, including: root knot, burrowing, cyst, lesion and more
  • Improve plant productivity and nutrient uptake through reducing nematode populations in the rhizosphere
  • Increase resilience of plants by reducing entry points for pathogenic diseases to enter plant root structure

Does NOT create resistance, resurgence or residue. Does NOT affect natural enemies of nematodes so offers a long-lasting pest control. Suitable for inclusion in IPM programs.

This product has a shelf life of 2-3 years if kept in a dry, cool place.

Nematamax Duo is a biological inoculant based on two selective strains of naturally-occurring entomopathogenic fungus Verticillium chlamydosporum and Purpureocillium lilacinum.

The spore of this fungus acts by infecting, parasitising and killing eggs, juveniles and young adults of most phytophagous nematode species. When the spore comes in contact with different stages of the nematodes, they germinate and grow and proliferate throughout the nematode eventually paralysing and killing the nematode. 

For best results, treat soil for 8 weeks before planting so soil is clean when seedlings go in. Multiple applications, 2 weeks apart, should be used to eliminate multiple lifecycles.

Compatible with rhizoMax and other biological inoculants.

Do NOT tank mix Nematamax Duo with fungicides or nemacides. 

NemataMax Duo contains two selective strains of naturally-occurring entomopathogenic fungus:

  • Verticillium chlamydosporum and 
  • Purpureocillium lilacinum.

Manages pest nematode populations

Spore of the fungi acts by infecting, parasitising and killing eggs, juveniles and young adults of most phytophagous nematode species.

  • Root Knot nematodes
  • Burrowing nematodes
  • Cyst nematodes
  • Lesion nematodes
  • And more…

When the spore come into contact with different stages of the nematodes, they germinate, grow and proliferate throughout the nematode, paralysing and killing it.

Suitable for use on a wide range of crops.

This product is classified as NON-HAZARDOUS.

Keep in a cool shaded area at all times. Do NOT expose to direct sunlight.

Do NOT swallow or inhale. Wash hands after use. Rinse eyes or mouth if contact is made.

Chemical Stability: Stable under normal temperatures.

Reactivity: This product is unlikely to react or decompose under normal storage conditions.

Conditions to Avoid: Direct sunlight, lack of ventilation.

Hazardous Polymerization: Hazardous polymerisation is not possible.

Soil Application2-5% solution in a minimum of 800L of water per Ha to be mixed with organic matter or sprayed on via flood jet nozzle application over the planting beds 2 weeks prior to planting. 
It can be applied at a 2-5% dilution around the rhizosphere uniformly for existing crops in the field. 
Seedling Drench / Water Wheel ApplicationApply as a 5% dilution prior to any seedlings being planted.
Then mix into a 2% solution in the water wheel tank and 800 L / Ha of the preparation applied to planting holes during transplanting. 
Drip System20-40 L / Ha mixed in 1000 L of water and filter the contents well to separate out extraneous particles if any. After filtering with appropriate filters it can be incorporated into the soil through the drip irrigation systems during the pre or post planting stage. Filter blockages can occur so hourly filter cleaning during application may be required. The frequency of applications depends on the Nematode population. 

In the case of high nematode population pressures, and in perennial crops, multiple applications are recommended. 
Spray SolutionSuspend 20-40 L in 500 L of water.
Stir well and apply with thorough coverage, till point of run-off. 

NemataMax Duo can be incorporated into the soil either mechanically or through watering. It can be incorporated in the field as a pre-plant treatment, at planting and emergence stage or immediately after.

Ensure good agitation of liquid prior to use.

NO withholding periods are required for this product.

Keep in a cool shaded area at all times. Do NOT expose to direct sunlight.

Ensure good agitation of liquid prior to use.

Available in:

  • 20L drum
  • 1000 L IBC

Safety Data Sheet:

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