Squadron – improved resilience

Protect your plants’ roots and improve nutrient uptake:

  • Promote healthy and strong plant growth
  • An ideal companion integrated disease management
  • Provides competitive exclusion of the root zone or leaves to support more resilient plants

Squadron contains the live organisms and spores of the beneficial bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens. This bacteria pre-emptively colonises the leaf surface and root zone and produces natural metabolites that protects that plant against frost stresses and better influences the ratio of beneficial to non-beneficial organisms.

Pseudomonas fluorescens is non-ice nucleating and when applied as a foliar spray, colonises the plants surfaces and out-competes these ice-nucelating bacteria, inferring frost resistance.

Compatible with all Biofilm Biological Crop Solutions products.

Available as a stabilised post-fermentation blend in BioBoost NPK along with AspeN and RhizoPhos to provide a powerful combination of nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubilisation, soil-borne disease defence and overall plant-growth promotion.

Squadron contains:

  • Pseudomonas fluorescens

Increased resilience

Pseudomonos flourescens aggressively colonises both the roots (when applied to the soil) and leaf areas (when applied as a foliar spray) and triggers induced systemic resistance in plants, making them more resilient to soil-borne and foliar diseases.

Ideal companion for Integrated Disease Management programs.

Frost resilience

A large portion of damage noted to be caused by frost, is actually not icing or the cold temperatures itself causing the damage but bacteria living on the plants surface. These ice-nucleating bacteria release a protein and it is this protein that is causing the damage to the plant during periods where the temperature drops drastically. Pseudomonas fluorescens is non-ice nucleating and when applied as a foliar spray can pre-emptively colonise the plants surfaces and out-compete these ice-nucleating bacteria, improving resilience to frost.

Plant growth promoting

Pseudomonos flourescens is a plant growth promoting rhizobacteria which contributes to faster, stronger and healthier plant growth.

This product is classified as NON-HAZARDOUS.

Keep in a cool shaded area at all times. Do NOT expose to direct sunlight.

Do NOT swallow or inhale. Wash hands after use. Rinse eyes or mouth if contact is made.

Chemical Stability: Stable under normal temperatures.

Reactivity: This product is unlikely to react or decompose under normal storage conditions.

Conditions to Avoid: Direct sunlight, lack of ventilation.

Hazardous Polymerization: Hazardous polymerisation is not possible.

Application ModePer HectareSpray / Drench Rate / Ha
Drench10% at or prior to planting
Fertigation15 L / Ha
Pre-colonisation Spray / Fertigation1 – 2% tank mix solution or
15 L / Ha
500 – 1000 L use higher concentration for lower spray rates
Bio Remediation Spray / Fertigation5% Drench Solution500 -1000 L / Ha
Foliar Spray8-10L / HaFor best results apply with sticker

NO withholding period for this product.

Keep in a cool shaded area at all times. Do NOT expose to direct sunlight.

Available in:

  • 20L drum
  • 1000 L IBC

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