It is important that any water running into your home is tested – even if you don’t intend to drink it. Water being used in bathrooms and laundries can all too easily end up being consumed or inadvertently entering the body when splashed on the face etc.

Is my water safe to drink?

We test bore, tank, river, creek and dam water to ensure it is safe to drink.

There are 4 types of tests we recommend to get the full picture of your water:

  • Nutrient content and general water quality, reported against the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Microbial Indicators – including an E.coli test
  • Heavy Metals
  • Chemical Residue – 67 common organo-phosphates and organo-chlorides

Whether you have one or all of these tests done is your own personal choice, however we recommend all 4 in order to answer the question “Is my water safe to drink?”

Buy the tests as a package to save and to receive a FREE water interpretation report.

Save with our convenient packages

We have created 2 convenient packages so you can save on the overall price of the tests PLUS these packages include a FREE Water Interpretation Report to ensure you understand the results you receive.

Basic Package (Test Code C19 – 2x 500mL samples required):

  • General water quality
  • Nutrient test
  • Microbial Indicators

Comprehensive Package (Test Code C20 – 4x 500mL samples required):

  • General water quality
  • Nutrient test
  • Microbial Indicators
  • Heavy metals
  • Chemical residue

Refer to the table above for the full details and prices of packages.

Will my water cause scaling, corrosion or discolouration of my bathroom?

Our General Water Quality and Nutrient testing includes a test of the Langlier Saturation Index (LSI). The LSI provides a rating of water on a scale of corrosive to scaling. This will provide you with an indication of the effect your water may be having on your plumbing, bathroom tiles or pool surface.

Most plumbing specialty stores are familiar with LSI ratings and can then advise you on what you need to do to avoid damage.