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Our test requests, sample submissions, analytical reports and analytical data management is powered by AgPro Technology.

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World Leading Farm Data Management Capabilities with AgPro

Your FREE AgPro account gives you full access to all of the features of the AgPro farm data management system for 30 days – we recommend exploring it’s full capabilities as it is ground-breaking technology for managing farm and livestock data. Once your 30 day trial is up, you can maintain full account status by subscribing or you can revert to your free account for submitting samples.

About AgPro Technology

AgPro Technology is a trusted third party software supplier, endorsed by Novum Lifesciences and used to manage all Hortus Analytical data as well as being the tool of choice for our agronomic consultants.

AgPro Technology provides a platform for farmers, agronomists and livestock producers to manage their farm and livestock data. By presenting data from numerous sources, AgPro assists your planning and decision-making to deliver optimal long-term improvements to your farms, fields and livestock.

AgPro Technology farm data management system enables you to –

  • map your farm,
  • use NDVI or grid overlays to choose and manage sampling sites, and
  • create comparison reports so you can easily identify trends in the health of your soil and plants.

If you’re an agronomist, consultant or extension officer, you can manage as many farms as you like from one easy-to-use location. And because it is web-based and mobile phone friendly, you can take it wherever you go – including out in the paddock!

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