Hydroponic Drip & Drain Testing

Hortus Analytical Services can help you to keep your hydroponic system’s nutrient solution properly balanced with our customised Drip and Drain testing.

Regular testing of your solution keeps your hydroponic system balance and in turn, ensures maximum yield from your plants. Our agronomists can review your test results and provide recommendations for adjustments to your solution to optimise your results.

We recommend setting up a regular testing schedule with us. You can also save by prepaying for your scheduled tests on a monthly or quarterly basis.

In between nutrient testing, you will want to continuously monitor your pH level and Electrical Conductivity. We supply reliable pH testers, calibrated in our laboratory, and EC meters.

Sampling Guidelines

Drip Water Sampling

1. Put clean plastic cups below the dripper at different positions in the greenhouse as the fertigation process is ongoing.

2. Mix the cups from the same greenhouse and put a composite sample solution of 500 mLs into a clean, unused sampling bottle (we can supply sampling bottles or you can use a clean drinking water bottle that has been rinsed with your greenhouse source water three times)

Drain Water Sampling

1. Identify a designated drain collection point for each sampling area (one for each feeding station).

2. Do not take drain samples from the recycle reservoir or open drains as chelated micronutrients will degrade in open reservoirs.

3. Wait at least 2 days after flushing or acidification of the system so it has stabilised.

4. Collect 500 mLs sample in a clean, unused sampling bottle.

Testing Schedule & Reporting Timeframes

Drip and Drain tests are conducted 3 times per week. Samples need to arrive at the laboratory by 9 am on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Results are received within 3 business days.