Irrigation Water Analysis

Depending on the quality of your water source, your water may be more or less suitable for the crop you are irrigating. By knowing what is in your water, you can adjust your other inputs accordingly.

Nutrient Testing – IW2

Continuous use of a poor quality water source may have detrimental effects on plant and soil structure. We recommend water testing in conjunction with soil and plant (either sap or dry tissue) testing to help you to obtain a complete picture of the plant, soil and water relationship.

This is particularly important when you are working new land, using a new water source, changing crops or changing key farm management practices.

Salinity testing – IW5

High sodium and chloride levels may reduce the hydration achieved for livestock as well as deterring animals from drinking the water.

Hydro Water – Drip & Drain Tests

We also provide specialised hydroponic testing – see the full details here.