Due to staff annual leave in the leadup to Christmas, we are temporarily adjusting our testing schedule and expected turnaround:

Due to increased turnaround, we cannot offer Quicksoil testing during this period. We recommend a standard SOIL1 or SOIL2 instead.

Water (Irrigation and Potable) and Sap:
Cutoff is 9am Wednesday. Test results may not ready to release until the following Tuesday, but some (Nitrate, pH, EC) may be available earlier on request.

We do not expect any changes for our other tests including Soil, Microbial (water or produce), Chem Residue or Dry Tissue.

This will apply from Wednesday 29th November, through the Christmas and New Years break, until Hortus reopens January 8th. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

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