We’re updating the Hortus Analytical sample and service pricelist to come into effect 1st June 2023. Cost of living and doing business has increased for everyone in Australia in recent months; but we’re doing our best to keep prices under control for our valued customers – the new pricelist has no price increases for any current sample types!

Instead, we are making a few changes to some samples to streamline our lab workflow; to make sure we can deliver our analytical services in a cost-effective and timely manner.

The most important changes are;

  • SOIL2 no longer includes P (BSES) or NH4-N tests. We recommend upgrading to SOIL3 if these tests are critical for your farm.
  • We no longer offer the DT3 package. Cobalt + Selenium are available on-request as an ASE.
  • We are streamlining our SAP samples to only SAP2 and SAP4.

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